Southwark Towers
Southwark Towers in 2006, two years before it was demolished




UK London, United Kingdom


100 m (328 ft)

Floor Count



tp Bennet

Southwark Towers was a high rise building at 32 London Bridge Street, designed by tp bennett architects, overlooking London Bridge station, in Southwark, London. Completed in 1975, it was 100 metres tall and had 25 floors in three wings. In 2008 it was demolished to make way for The Shard, which at 310 metres (1020 feet) is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the European UnionThe building was formerly occupied by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Despite a modern-looking and lavish reception area, the building and its decorations became outdated. Lifts in the building were slow and struggled to cope with traffic during peak hours. Nevertheless, some wings of the upper floors enjoyed spectacular views of Tower Bridge and the City. The building's tenants moved to a replacement building at 7, More London Riverside.

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